Africa's Largest Digital Payments Gateway.

We make payments as easy as making a phone call. Giving Africans, the continent and the whole world access to limitless possibilities.

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The only currency that matters is access.

At MFS Africa, we believe that making a payment should be as simple as making a phone call. We believe that this access can open up markets and connect people to a world of opportunities. Our work transforms the lives and realities of Africa and the diaspora, overcoming borders, overturning injustices and rendering borders insignificant.


In a rapidly changing Africa, where inclusion and scale accelerate development, we know the full potential of mobile money and its potential to make borders matter less. By truly unleashing Africa's potential, we can unlock growth, progress, and prosperity - for people, for business, for society - through access to impactful, affordable and interoperable mobile solutions.



Million connectedmobile wallets.


African nations presentin our partner network.


payment corridors.


Nationalities represented at MFS Africa's 7 regional offices.


MNOs, MTOs and banks connected.


Enterprise & merchant customers.

Access to all.

We are the "Network of Networks" that provides convergence and interoperability at scale in Africa. We enable our partners to scale their digital payment strategies.

Merchants, SMES & Global Development Organizations

Merchants, SMES & Global
Development Organizations

  • Accelerated access to the African market
  • Access to business growth and scale
  • Access to traceability and transparency
  • Access to peace of mind and reassurance
Banks & Financial Institutions

Banks & Financial Institutions

  • Access to convenience and seamlessness
  • Access to new use cases and business growth
  • Access to peace of mind and reassurance
Mnos & Mtos

Mnos & Mtos

  • Speedier access to scale across Africa
  • Access to opportunity for you and your customers
  • Access to seamlessness and reliability/consistency

Hub of Prosperity.

We work with trusted global partners across Africa, who connect African consumers to each other and to the global digital economy.


Tech process

Focus on technological changes through
foward-looking R&D strategy


Detect, resist & react to attacks


99.9999% uptime


Support for 5k+ transactions / minute


Single API via Virtual Private Cloud


Platform allows for flexibility and Modularity

Trusted by the World's Most Trusted Brands.

Supported by our extensive, constantly growing, and trusted partner ecosystem, advanced API and rigorous compliance standards, the MFS Africa Hub enables interoperability across borders, currencies and payment systems.

Our gateway brings your vision to fruition.

Recognition from industry leaders