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Who we are

MFS Africa connects mobile money systems to each other and to money transfer organizations, banks and other financial institutions, enabling money remittances TO and FROM mobile money accounts.

We got started in 2010 by a pioneering leadership team in mobile financial services. Our Founder and CEO, Dare Okoudjou, was the previous Head of Mobile Money at the MTN Group and is consistently mentioned as one of the true visionary leaders in the mobile money and telecom space. We work in close collaboration with the major network groups in Africa and are a trusted partner in their remittance business.

A talented team

We’re building a team of intelligent, inspired people who are passionate about the potential of our technology making financial services easier to access, simpler to use and more affordable.

We’re a diverse bunch – over 16 nationalities represented and people here tend to speak at least 2 languages apart from English.

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